Priya Sehgal MD MA

Child, Adolescent and Adult Psychiatry 

Cambridge, MA

My Approach

I am a board certified psychiatrist who provides psychotherapy and medication management for children, adolescents and adults. In my clinical and academic work, I have specialized experience in areas related to race, gender, immigration, acculturative stress, and schools.

My approach is grounded in working collaboratively with the individual, family, larger systems and social contexts to identify, understand and tailor treatment to best address problems.  

While addressing the biological, psychological, cultural and social factors that contribute to the areas of concern, I tend to identify and underscore one’s strengths and positive coping skills. 

I believe that the best outcomes are achieved through a highly collaborative, supportive and compassionate working relationship between patients and physician. 


Navigating life's circumstances and challenges is difficult and you do not have to experience these alone.  The decision to better understand yourself, your behaviors and relationships through  therapy and/or use of  medications is important and courageous.

I strive to create a safe and warm environment to honor this choice.  I intend to collaborate with you to identify conflict and address these areas using  a psychodynamic frame, mindfulness,  cognitive behavioral therapy and/or a family systems approach.



Individual therapy

Parent Guidance

Family Therapy

Medication Management


Child Psychiatry, Adult Psychiatry, Cultural psychiatry,  schools. 


Priya Sehgal, MD

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